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Getting back in the leadership driver’s seat with Shelley Flett

Shelley Flett is an expert in leadership, team performance and building high-performance team cultures. She works with leaders and business owners to improve individual productivity and also works within organisations to assist with better staff retention, engagement and customer satisfaction.

In 2020, the world underwent five years worth of disruption in six months. Leaders were struggling to keep up and were at risk of burnout.  So the big question is: How can leaders stay relevant and be effective during this time?

In episode six of the Well Workplaces podcast, Shelley speaks candidly about leadership in the evolving environment of 2020:

  • Shelley shares her story of being a high performing individual.  About being promoted into management positions early in her career and why that lead to her passion for shaping future leaders.
  • A story of how leaders in 2020 adapted to the virtual environment and the shift to focusing on building capability in the organisations they work.
  • We hear about her insights into how some leaders got caught operating from a place of sympathy, rather than empathy.  This was in the early stages of lockdown, which turned into many leaders depleting their own resources.
  • Shelley and Tom speak about leadership modelling and how leaders always need to go there first, especially during times of rapid change.
  • We hear about the number one issue for organisations and leaders going into the future, which is retaining top talent.  Also how leaders need to remove barriers for employees to enable them to thrive.

To connect with Shelley Flett please head across to and I would highly recommend looking at the career resilience white paper.

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