Personal Training

Exclusive to Westpac Group Employees & Contractors


Pinnacle Personal Training (Kogarah) has been developed to offer a new dynamic to your current exercise program and for beginners to kick start their fitness regime through a guided session with our qualified Trainers. With the wealth of experience from our Personal Trainers we have one-on-one and group sessions available. Personal Training can be a great tool to fast-track your fitness goals, participate in group training and have a fitness coach to partner with you. Get the most of your workout with the help of one of our qualified and experienced Personal Trainers today.

We offer a number of different packages to suit your needs and schedule. The packages include:

  • 1:1 Sessions
  • 1:2 Buddy Sessions
  • Fitness Assessments

These sessions can be booked on a per session basis or recurring time slots.  There will be an option for a 10-pass that includes a 10% discount. Bookings must be made in advanced.

Personal Training Price List

  • 1:1 – 60 Minutes = $70
  • 1:1 – 30 Minutes = $49
  • 1:2 – 60 Minutes = $105 ($52.5 per person)
  • 1:2 – 30 Minutes = $75 ($37.5 per person)
  • 10 packs available = 10% discount (Salary Sacrifice is available only for 10 packs).

Our Personal Trainers specialise in:

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common fitness goal that many have difficulty achieving. This can be a result of poor eating habits and limited exercise. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve this fitness goal, a balance needs to be made between the two. Our Personal Trainers are qualified and specialise in weight loss training through prescribing tailored programs depending on individual goals/abilities. Their personalised approach means you get one-on-one coaching, a training partner and motivator, and exercises specific for weight loss. The training will involve a mixture of cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance exercises.

Strength Training

Strength Training can refer to a number of results including strength, rehabilitation, coordination and muscular hypertrophy (growth). Its main focus is to make parts of your body stronger to perform functional movements and also to enhance muscular size. Our Personal Trainers have extensive experience in improving individual strength and appearance. Depending on your individual goal this type of training will involve muscular strength/endurance and cardiovascular exercises.

Flexibility Enhancements

Flexibility is an important part of fitness and can be a deciding factor in achieving your fitness goals. Sadly, stretching isn’t performed as often as most people think. The benefits include improved range of motion, reduced risk of injury, hormone stimulation aiding in muscular repair and growth, reduction of sore muscles and improving your mobility later on in life. Tight muscles could cause many postural concerns and long-term injury. Our trainers philosophically believe in stretching and the important of flexibility. Stretching will be incorporated into your sessions.

Postural Corrections (Referral)

To go alongside Flexibility, we often have postural abnormalities that could hinder our exercise performance and day-to-day living. In the office/corporate environment common postural concerns include rounding shoulders, Kyphosis and Anterior Pelvic Tilt. This is due to being seated a computer desk all day. Although our Trainers are not qualified Physiotherapists, they have the ability (through training) to correct some of these common postural concerns. They work side-by-side with Physiotherapists to ensure safe delivery of fitness programs and enhanced mobility.

Sports Conditioning

Sports specific training can be an effective way to improve your performance in your chosen sport and every day life. Our trainers come from a multitude of sporting backgrounds extending, but not limited to Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Running, Rugby and Swimming. Training sessions will involve specific functional movements and targets set to reflect game performance. Vary up your workouts with a combination of fitness and sports conditioning sessions to get the most out of yourself.

Event Preparation

Much like sports conditioning, Event Preparation Training focuses around a specific sporting event such as a triathlon, 7-day tournament or fun-run. The main difference is that Event Preparation becomes more in-depth due to specific deadlines and close monitoring. Our trainers always provide a gold-standard service, however in this classification there is more time taken to ensure that you are well prepared for your upcoming event.