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How To Care For Dry Winter Skin

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By Claire Pryor – Dermal Skin Technician & Beauty Therapist 


As the weather changes, so will your skin and you will need to adapt your skin care accordingly. What works for your skin in the summer, isn’t always going to be what your skin needs in the winter. Here are the top tips for having healthy, soft ,supple skin throughout the cold winter months:


Use an oil based cleanser.Water based cleansers strip the skin of all its natural oils, leaving the skin with no protective layer and feeling dry. An oil based cleanser will effectively cleanse the skin while nourishing it, even if you already have an oily skin type. We recommend  ( Dr.Spiller )  products which are formulated to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping its natural oils- available at the wellness centre 833 Collins Street * .


Hydrate the skin with a toner. Toners are like an external drink for the skin, and so important for retaining the skins water content. Apply straight after cleansing, to help restore the skin and keep it at optimum moisture levels.


Moisturise immediately after toning. Apply moisturiser while the skin is still wet from the toner. Moisturiser will be drawn down into deeper layers of the skin if the skin is still damp, and this will seal the dampness in the skin.


Gently Exfoliate. The skin is covered in dead skin cells, and conditions like cold weather makes for slower circulation, this slows down the process of natural skin renewal. We need to very gently remove this outer layer of dead skin cells, so that when we moisturise the skin, it is not blocked and has the ability to penetrate into the pores, rather than just sticking to those dead skin cells. A build up of dead skin cells leads to clogged pores, closed comedones and acne


Use the correct Moisturiser for your skin type. Once again choose oil based products (like Dr Spiller) as this will retain more moisture in the skin than a water based moisturiser. Everyone’s skin is different, speak to a professional therapist to figure out exactly which moisturiser is suited to your skin.


Use a night cream. Water loss to the skin is higher at night time, therefore you need a richer, more hydrating cream to use at night than in the day time, to help make up for the moisture loss.


Instantly plump it up with a hydrating mask. For a quick fix, after cleansing and toning, layer on a pure hydrating mask, leave 10 -15 minutes, rinse off and see the difference! – for optimum results use a professional brands rather than drugstore, as many products will have additives that can have adverse effects on the skin if not chosen correctly.


Always use an SPF 50. Even though the sun isn’t shining, those UV rays (the damaging rays that come from the sun) are still shining through and attacking your skin. Harsher weather conditions will dry and dehydrate your skin quickly, and using an SPF 50 will provide protection from these conditions and the UV rays.


 Drink water! What you put in your body comes out in your skin. Put plenty of water in your body, to bring out well hydrated,  Glowing skin!  


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