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How to avoid bad health advice online!

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By Podiatrist Michael Johnston


These days, when we have any sort of injury or medical malady the first thing most of us (myself included) will do is Google the symptoms to find out what’s going on and what to do about it.

More and more, we see patients who have been trying outlandish home remedies in search of a miracle cure for their injury, wasting valuable time while waiting in vain for improvement in their pain.

Here are some quick tips for filtering out the nonsense online;

1 – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

There is no such thing as a cure-all or an ancient secret remedy the doctors don’t want you to know about. Anything that promises to cure any ailment instantly should be approached VERY carefully. Even the most successful treatments in medical history won’t work for everyone and even less need only one treatment or application.

2 – Consider where the advice is coming from.

If I, as a Podiatrist, started selling miracle dental treatments, you would be quite right to be skeptical. Seek out articles and advice from reputable specialists in their field, not the Facebook comments section.

3 – Anecdotes are not evidence

Everything we, as health professionals, do is evidence based meaning that is has been tested and studied so that we know that it works. Your auntie’s cousin’s hairdresser who duct taped an onion to her foot and cured her heel pain does not refute decades of research into best practice.

4 – Don’t wait too long for things to improve.

By all means, give minor injuries a day or two to settle, however, the only way to get a proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan is to see someone in person who knows what they’re doing. Countless times I have seen patients who have wrongly self-diagnosed and been trying to manage the wrong injury, often making things worse in the process.

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