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Have you stepped up to the Global Challenge?

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By Senior Podiatrist Chris McCormick


You’ve decided to join your colleagues and sign up for the Global Corporate Challenge – great stuff! You’ve started the journey towards improving your well-being from the ground up.

Now for many of us, signing up for the challenge will mean that we are increasing our daily step count and hitting the pavement more regularly. This is a great thing to do, however we must be mindful of the effect that a sudden increase in activity can have on our feet.


Rapid change in exercise can result in a ‘too much too soon’ injury of the foot, the most common of which is heel pain or plantar fasciitis. This is characterised by pain in the heel in the morning or after rest. But don’t despair, there are many things that we can do to reduce your pain quickly and keep you clocking up those daily steps! If in doubt, get it checked out to avoid exacerbating your symptoms.

Our feet are amazing things, there are 26 bones, 33 joints and 33 muscles/tendons per foot. Over a quarter of the bones of the human body are found in our two feet! The best way to avoid any foot injury is to slowly build yourself up with your walking volume, don’t rush into hitting 20k-30k steps if you’ve only been at 5k-10k previously.

Prevention is always better than the cure, so be sure to get your foot and ankle health comprehensively assessed by our Podiatry team at Pinnacle Health Group.