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Get Those Steps Up!!!

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By Simon Kay

Welcome to September! The 9th month of the calendar year, the start of spring, and Steptember. That’s right STEPTEMBER, the month where you are challenged to hit 10,000 steps each day in September.

The Australian Heart Foundation suggests that taking 10,000 steps everyday can cut down your risk of disease and improve your health. Increasing your daily steps is also a great way to relax and improve your energy levels and overall mood.

With everyone having access to fit-bits, smartphones and apple watches – there has never been a better time to count those daily steps!!! With research showing that office workers on average only take 3,000 steps per day, below are some handy tips to get those steps up and get your bodies moving.

Tip 1: Activate your lunch – Spend 10 minutes of your lunch break outside and take a quick lap around the block to stretch the legs and get some fresh air. Start a walking club with a colleague or turn that social coffee chat into a walking catch-up.

Tip 2: Get off a stop early – Getting off one stop earlier will instantly boost your steps.

Tip 3: Park further away – If you drive to work or the train station, park a little further away than you normally do. Not only will it help to reduce your stress levels of trying to find a park close to work, but it will also contribute your step count.

Tip 4: Take the stairs – Take the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator, it will also help tone up those legs.

Tip 5: Treat yourself – Buy your lunch or visit a new coffee shop somewhere that requires a 10 minute walk – each way!

Tip 6: Be the messenger – We all complain about how many emails we get so instead of emailing or calling a colleague, walk over to their desk to relay a message.

Tip 7: Set a reminder – Set an alarm to remind you every hour to get up and take a quick stroll

Tip 8: Talk and walk – Try to make and take calls on your mobile and walk around while you’re talking

Tip 9: Wear comfy shoes – Do you wear heels or pointy-toed business shoes to work? Bring in a pair of joggers or comfortable shoes to change into – you’ll be surprised how many more steps you can take when your feet don’t hurt.


If pain prevents you from getting your steps up this Steptember, book in with one of our podiatrists today