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Gamification and Corporate Wellness

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Gamification and Corporate Wellness with Damien King, Founder of PUML

Is their anything better than a workplace challenge to stoke friendly competition and social engagement at work?

PUML is a very clever start up health technology business that has honed in on one of the most important aspects of life: movement, fun and social engagement.

In Episode 19 of the Well Workplaces podcast, Tom Bosna speaks with Damien King who is the CEO and Founder of PUML. The discussion focuses on:

  • How Damien has taken his career from technology and landed in the boutique world of corporate wellness
  • Why PUML was created and how technology can be used to create healthy change
  • How gamification actually works and the design nuances of PUML
  • Why the workplace is a great place to start when looking to create healthy change.

If you would like to learn more about PUML, head across to or connect with Damien King on Linkedin.

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