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Do you have back pain? You need physiotherapy!

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Unfortunately back pain is something almost all of us have experienced; perhaps not personally, but instead witnessed the effects with a loved one. The sad truth of the matter is that the debilitating condition was once associated with ageing, but nowadays more and more young people are experiencing these complaints. The causes for back pain vary from negligence, through to degenerative diseases, and without immediate assessment and treatment can result in major problems later in life.

Luckily, there is a very effective and natural treatment to deal with back related pain – Physiotherapy. And if you live or work in the Melbourne CBD or Dockland you have some of the most professional and experienced Physiotherapists at your fingertips. Physiotherapy clinics are popular throughout Melbourne’s CBD and Docklands, so how do you choose which clinic to attend? First, the internet is a great source of information – clinics that are committed to delivering the best results and latest information and techniques will have informative websites to help you understand Physiotherapy and its uses. Usually physiotherapy accompanies medical treatment, and you’re often referred to Physiotherapists  to fast track your recovery.

Pinnacle Health Group Melbourne CBD and Docklands offer advanced, progressive physiotherapy treatments that continually evolve with the latest medical discoveries and methods to deliver effective treatment plans to help ease back pain. Their desire to continuously upskill is driven by their desire to help people recover from a disease, pain and injury that can ultimately ruin a person’s quality of life.

Pinnacle – Docklands Physio and Melbourne’s CBD Physio, offer a range of successful treatments from Physiotherapy to Dry Needling, Pilates and Massage. All therapists are highly qualified and trained; ensuring your road to recovery is as smooth and fast as possible. Call or book online to experience the absolute Pinnacle in health care.

Do you have back pain?
Do you have back pain?