Wellness for me


Nutrition is the foundation of your overall health, and it starts from a tailored nutrition plan that’s designed for you.

The dietetics experts at Pinnacle Health Group assess the nutritional profile and requirements of individual clients, and then design and implement sustainable plans to change diet behaviours based on the individual’s goals.

Pinnacle Health Group Dietitians is your specialist provider of health services. Our Dietitians work closely with other members of the health and exercise team, to improve the holistic wellbeing of each individual. Just like your health reflects a holistic whole, when you book a consultation for our services, our health professionals work together for a holistic overview of your health.

Our Dietitians specialise in:

  • Weight management
  • Enhancing body composition
  • Managing cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Optimising nutrition for exercise, training and performance
  • Maximising concentration, productivity and energy levels with nutrition
  • Assessing and  managing food intolerances and allergies
  • And preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke

Pinnacle Health Group Dietitians provide extensive advice for a Melbourne clientele juggling busy lives. Our dietetics services include teaching time-poor individuals to prepare efficient, nutritious meals. Our Dietitians are well equipped to help keep you on track!

Nothing but the science

The vast and varied information available to us regarding diet and nutrition can be overwhelming and confusing, and it can be difficult to pick out advice relevant to our own lifestyles.

It doesn’t help that, here in Melbourne and Australia; too many unqualified practitioners call themselves dieticians and prescribe nutritional advice.

That’s not the case at Pinnacle Health Group. Our dietitians are health professionals, qualified by years of study in nutritional sciences from tertiary institutions. They provide nutritional advice, based on science, tailored to improve your health and wellbeing. They do the hard work for you!

Our innovative health packages include:

  • Comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • 6-week diet re-education and healthy lifestyle plans
  • Nutrition for sport or performance programmes
  • 12-week diet and exercise programmes
  • Diet Education: Healthy shopping and dining out

You will be eligible for a health rebate for our nutritional services through most Private Health Insurers, and via the Enhanced Primary Care system (with a GP referral).

Book a consultation with our health specialists today for a complete nutritional profile.