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Physiotherapists can treat MORE than just pain and injuries

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Today we’re going to debunk a few ‘un-truths’ around Physiotherapy, particularly the role of Physiotherapists. We’ll shed a little light on what they go through to become the knowledgeable medical professionals they are!

What is Physiotherapy? Who are Physiotherapists?

Put simply, Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine. The focus is on helping patients to recover, improve or maintain their physical abilities, delivering targeted treatment and relief of pain, disease and injuries, using physical means. As a widely popular healthcare treatment, Physiotherapists are the specialists who work with patients in need of the aforementioned treatments. Patient treatments vary greatly, as causes of pain and symptoms can be a result of any number of reasons, such as disease, age, sports or environmental factors.

Physiotherapy is a Clinical Health Science

Contrary to popular belief, Physiotherapy is not an ‘alternative therapy’. In fact, it is a clinical health service that requires lengthy studies and training. Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuroscience and physiology, coupled with intense educational training for prevention, treatment and diagnosis of patients with physical problems. Like many other medical professionals, Physiotherapists often work in Hospitals.

In many countries, like Australia, Physiotherapists are legally required to be qualified and registered. A proper graduate degree in physical therapy or health sciences is a minimum requirement to be a professional physiotherapist at our Melbourne clinics, on Flinders and Collins Streets.

Experts In The Treatment Of Neuron, Muscle Or Cardio Related Diseases

Qualified Physiotherapists are experts in the treatment and examination of people suffering from neuron, muscle or cardio related diseases, and preventing disease!

Qualified and registered, our Physiotherapists at Pinnacle Health Group specialise in treatments that will fast track you back to optimum health.

What Exactly Is The Job Of A Physiotherapist?

By employing their training and skills, Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of physical ailments. Given the interconnected nature of the body, your Physiotherapist may further diagnose deeper issues linked to different systems in the body, such as:

  • Musculoskeletal systems – This organ system gives us the ability to move using our muscles and bones, or the muscular and skeletal systems. Composed of our bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other connective tissue, the musculoskeletal system gives us form, movement and stability.
  • Neuromuscular systems – This encompasses both the nervous system, including the brain and spine, and the muscles. Neuromuscular refers to neuromuscular junctions (where nerves and fibres connect), and neuromuscular transmissions (the transference of information and impulses from the nerve to the muscle).
  • Cardiovascular systems – This is the heart and circulatory systems. We all know how important the heart is! Meanwhile, our circulatory system carries vital nutrients and oxygen to body tissue via the blood vessels, as well as removing waste and carbon dioxide. A healthy circulatory system is crucial to healthy body function.
  • Respiratory systems – This includes organs such as lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx, throat and nose; basically, any organ that’s involved in breathing.

Consult With A Physiotherapist

From your insides out, top to toe, Physiotherapists have a long-standing history of improving many aspects of health and well-being. Tailored and specific health and lifestyle plans for each patient post treatment ensures you maintain the new and improved you!

Physiotherapy continues to gain steady recognition and admiration for its remarkable success in the treatment, prevention and management of pain, injuries and illnesses. Across the globe, doctors are increasingly referring their patients to Physiotherapists, resulting in more people being aware of and seeking out Physical Therapy treatments without having seen their GP first.

Our clinics at Flinders and Collins Streets are centrally located in Melbourne. Our highly trained and experienced Physiotherapists will work with your GP, as we understand how to integrate physical therapy with other forms of medical treatments. We accept personal visits as well as GP referrals.

Contact us for more information, or jump straight to booking your appointment online! Your better tomorrow, starts today.