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City2Surf… Are You Ready For It?

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By Simon Kay


With the chilly mornings now setting in and August just around the corner, we all know it’s that time of year to tighten our laces and prepare to hit the pavement for City2Surf! So whether you have lost a bet and are dressing up in costume, have a friendly wager amongst work colleagues or are in a fierce competition against a friend; it’s time to get running.

The City2Surf is a great event but for a first-time entrant it can be overwhelming.  So, with only a few weeks left and everyone deep into their training programs you might be wondering what you need to do to make it up Heartbreak Hill and cross that finish line at Bondi Beach.

Get your training right!

As with everything, practice makes perfect! In the lead up – make sure your program incorporates days of long and short distance running, days of stretching & strengthening and a day for rest. Some other training tips are:

  • Try running half of the distance – it’s a perfect way to test your strength and endurance but more importantly, it may highlight any weaknesses or flaws in your training.
  • Try scheduling your runs at the same time of City2Surf – allow your body to become used to running at this time
  • In the final weeks leading up to City2Surf – gradually taper your runs. It is important to rest up so that your body is in top condition and able to run the distance on the day.
  • Eat Well & Stay Hydrated! – Get plenty of good quality carbohydrates and protein in to your diet in the weeks leading to race day. Carbohydrates give you the required energy and protein helps facilitate optimal recovery from all the training you have been doing! As always, drink plenty of appropriate fluids to replenish what you have lost during your runs
  • Do a trial run – becoming familiar with the course before race day. It can help you plan your timing, know the up’s and down’s of the course and more importantly – become familiar with the suburbs. This can be useful to count down and know your remaining distance. Pass the Coke sign? See ya Kings Cross. Tackled Heartbreak Hill? Bon voyage Rose Bay. Reinforcing positive achievement can get you into a good running mood and reach Bondi Beach much happier.

The City2Surf is an enjoyable event that encourages all people of differing running ability to have, get active and improve their fitness. So say goodbye to those negative obstacles and hello to a great time on Sunday 12th August.



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