Creating financial wellness with award winning Mikaela Patterson What exactly is “financial wellness”?  For some people the word ‘finances’ creates a feeling of stress and anxiety.  Conversely, the word ‘wellness’ is a buzzword that often makes people think about meditation and yoga. Put the words together ‘financial wellness’ and you have yourself mixed feelings and … Read more

Chasing dopamine and the lost art of deep work with Dr Kristy Goodwin     Are your workplace technology tools making you more productive?  The digital tools that we use in the workplace such as emails, social media platforms and project management software are designed to enhance our output and productivity.  Or at least, that’s … Read more

How to take a stress temperature check with Samuel Eddy, principal consultant and educator                               Not all stress is bad, but not all stress is good.  In fact, right there in the middle is a sweet spot for performance and flow. … Read more

 Episode 1 Tom Bosna interviews Dr Natalie Flatt to talk about the emerging mental health issues in the workplace and the community as a whole. In this episode, Dr Natalie Flatt shares some key insights into the problematic trends of the COVID-19 era. Dr Flatt talks specifically about burnout and anxiety and shares some … Read more