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Pain between your shoulder blades?

Pain between your shoulder blades? Pain spreading up into your neck? Occasional dull headaches? Do you suffer from a constant dull nagging ache in the middle of your back that spreads up your neck? It is likely that you are experiencing a condition known as thoracic dysfunction. This is common in office workers who spend … Read more

Orthotics – What are they?

By Simon Kay   What are orthotics? Orthotics, or foot orthoses, are medical devices used within your footwear that are commonly used to reduce pain, increase function and improve quality of life. Most people think orthotics work by simply reducing misalignment of the lower limbs and feet – but this is not necessarily true.   … Read more

Get Those Steps Up!!!

By Simon Kay Welcome to September! The 9th month of the calendar year, the start of spring, and Steptember. That’s right STEPTEMBER, the month where you are challenged to hit 10,000 steps each day in September. The Australian Heart Foundation suggests that taking 10,000 steps everyday can cut down your risk of disease and improve … Read more

High Heels – No Pain, No Gain?

With Women’s Health Week starting today, it is time to put your health first and start making positive changes one step at a time! Hands up if you have been a “fashion victim” before. The term was formerly used to describe a shopper in thrall to the latest trend; but these days, the term applies … Read more

City2Surf… Are You Ready For It?

By Simon Kay   With the chilly mornings now setting in and August just around the corner, we all know it’s that time of year to tighten our laces and prepare to hit the pavement for City2Surf! So whether you have lost a bet and are dressing up in costume, have a friendly wager amongst … Read more

Your Feet & the Podiatrist

Man during medical podiatry session, podiatrist is removing hard skin

By Simon Kay When it comes to preserving your health and wellness, it’s easy to forget about the two objects that connect you with the ground – your feet! But given you could walk around 128,000 km in your lifetime – healthy feet are an important component of your overall wellbeing. Foot problems can impact … Read more

Elbow pain, what can be causing it ?

A female holding her elbow due to pain

Article by Steve Pacini – Physiotherapist We’ve all heard of tennis elbow, otherwise known as lateral epidondylalgia. In fact approximately 40% of us will experience the pains associated with tennis elbow at some point in our lifetime, With symptoms including pain focused around the elbow or radiating down the forearm and can be aggravated by … Read more

What Should You Look Out for When Trying to Change Your Lifestyle?

Close up of woman on scale holding fresh piece of fruit green apple and a doughnut in the other

Changing your habits can be a difficult task. The information about what to do is more prevalent than ever, with social and commercial media both understanding how well nutrition and lifestyle rates. However, how to change your behaviours and what mistakes to avoid are often overlooked. Having worked within the Nutrition and Fitness Industry for … Read more

Pain Between Shoulder Blades?

Save Download Preview Young woman stretching suffering from sudden back pain, tensed muscles after long sedentary work in incorrect posture at home, stressed girl having backache, feeling ache between shoulder blades

By Emma Magorian – Physiotherapist Common Symptoms of Thoracic Back Pain Are you experiencing any of the following: Pain between your shoulder blades Pain spreading up into your neck Occasional dull headaches Do you suffer from a constant dull nagging ache in the middle of your back that spreads up your neck? It is likely … Read more

3 Handy tips for Tour de Cure Preparation

By Chris Poier With the Tour de Cure just around the corner, many Westpac employees are gearing up for a weekend of intense riding.  At this stage due to the sheer volume and frequency of training most riders may be feeling the pinch. Here are 3 handy tips to get your body feeling 100% come … Read more