Nutrition Nutrition is the foundation of your overall health, and it starts from a tailored nutrition plan that’s designed for you. The dietetics experts at Pinnacle Health Group assess the nutritional profile and requirements of individual clients, and then design and implement sustainable plans to change diet behaviours based on the individual’s goals. Pinnacle Health … Read more

Clinical Pilates Clinical Pilates is a form of Pilates that has been specifically designed by Physiotherapists. It compliments physiotherapy treatment, adding further benefit to recovery and assisting in injury prevention. At Pinnacle Health Group, all our Clinical Pilates sessions, both one on one and group sessions, are supervised and instructed by one of our Physiotherapists … Read more

Massage and Myotherapy Massage is a natural therapy involving pressure and manipulation of the body’s muscular system. A Massage Therapist uses certain techniques, such as effleurage and kneading, as well as heat and stretching, to work the muscles and release tension within the body. Book a consultation with our qualified massage therapists at Pinnacle Health … Read more

A physiotherapist assessing a female patient's shoulder

Physiotherapy Here at Pinnacle Health Group, physiotherapy is a multi-faceted health treatment service to help return any person back to their physical peak. Book with our physiotherapists to restore your movement and function, and live your life free of stiffness or pain. Whether you are recovering from workplace strains, surgery or a sports injury, whether … Read more