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Using Art and Creativity to Boost Your Mental Health

Woman painting in an art studio

Many of us pursue artistic or creative activities because we enjoy them, but did you know that art and creativity also have significant benefits for our mental health? Forms of art and expression as widespread as writing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting or other forms of creative expression help to keep your mind healthy and happy. … Read more

Is It Safe To Exercise While Pregnant?

Pregnant woman doing exercise on her bed using dumbbell

Regular physical exercise while pregnant offers a range of health benefits and can help prepare your body for childbirth. This includes better weight control, improved mood and maintenance of pre-existing fitness levels. Exercising during pregnancy can also decrease the risk of pregnancy-related complications such as pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension. However, it’s essential to modify or … Read more

Exercise For Depression, Dementia and a Healthy Brain

Man sitting on gym bench suffering depression.

Exercise helps to prevent and improve a wide range of health conditions, from high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis to depression, anxiety and dementia. Exercise provides many more benefits than just aerobic fitness and muscle strength. While losing weight and improving your physique is great, most people exercise because of the enormous well-being it provides. … Read more