ANZ team wellbeing toolboxes.

Stuck for an idea for your next team development day? Looking to incorporate the benefits of wellbeing and teamwork to your project group?

And more importantly – are you looking for a reason to get your team together in real life again?

Our Team Wellbeing Toolboxes are extremely popular sessions, and a great way to increase team cohesion and productivity.

Team Wellbeing Option 1 – Wellbeing Retreat


Just like a wellness retreat – but enjoying the beautiful features of the ANZ Buildings.

The Wellbeing Retreat is essentially a “Wellness Day” for your team, hosted at the ANZ Wellness Centre.

The day includes a morning yoga or meditation session at the Wellness Centre, followed by a healthy breakfast courtesy of ANZ cafes,  and your choice of 1 x wellbeing workshop or seminar delivered in person or in a hybrid fashion.

The wellness activities can be mixed in with team meetings or project work at times that suit your group.


Team Wellbeing Option 2 – Wellbeing Workshops

Our practical workshops run for 45-60 mins, are led by experts in their field of health – and can be delivered from the state-of-the-art ANZ Wellness Centres at 833 or 839 Collins Street, or virtually.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Posture
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Sleep Health

All sessions are designed to be fun and engaging, and involve the latest research and trends in workplace wellbeing.

choose from a range of practical workshops for your team


Working From Home Wellbeing:

A practical session involving myriad tips including cultivating the perfect morning routine, setting up your home workstation to reduce aches and pains, reducing boredom snacking, staying healthy and connected and creating boundaries between work and home life.

Eat Yourself Calm:
Explores physiological & lifestyle drivers of stress. Understand the behavioural changes that can be made. Learn how to construct a lifestyle that minimises stress.

Sleep Hygiene
Explores importance of sleep for overall wellbeing. Navigate the research to understand the most up to date information. Learn strategies to optimise sleep.

Nutrition for the Agile Workplace
Explores optimal nutrition for the agile workforce. Understand how to make good choices in your local area. Learn how to overcome the 3 pm slump.

Latest and greatest in fitness
Explores the latest evidence in fitness and why it matters. Understand the latest trends andwhat gives you maximum bang for buck. Learn how to incorporate fitness into your routine.

Mindful me
Understand how our brains respond to stress. Learn how habit default mode operates. Develop a personal strategy for making & breaking default habits.

Posture perfect
Explores the latest evidence in what is good posture. Understand what you can do to improve your posture. Learn strategies to incorporate into daily routine.

Gut Health for Overall Wellbeing
During this seminar we explore the relationship of our gut to our overall health and wellbeing. We learn what our microbiome is and discover how the choices we make about food can impact the role and health of our microbiome.

Diet Myths Busted
This seminar is all about busting myths and dietary fallacies. We unpack the biggest mistruths
and tall tales in the nutrition world to ensure you have all the facts.


a healthy team is a productive team.


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