Accenture Virtual Wellbeing Check

Our virtual wellbeing check is the perfect way to keep on track with your health and wellbeing.

Once you select your time and date, you will be sent a pre-screening questionnaire. This questionnaire will include questions about your diet, lifestyle, exercise and sleep habits. It’s important that you complete this screening questionnaire before your check so you get the most out of the check.

The day before your check, our team will email you and provide you with a link to click on at the time of your check. This link will take you to a private 1:1 session with our team.

During your wellbeing check, our team will chat through the results of your questionnaire and provide some more personalised advice and assistance to help you continue your wellbeing journey.

After your check is completed, our friendly team will send you through your wellbeing resource kit complete with loads of helpful information and tips to ensure you stay on top of everything you need to.

Virtual Wellbeing Checks will be available on Monday November 16th & Thursday November 19th.

Secure your virtual wellness check here.

Close up of woman on scale holding fresh piece of fruit green apple and a doughnut in the other

What to expect:


  1. Register for the virtual wellness check via the link above

  2. Select your date and time

  3. You will be emailed (separately) a pre-screening questionnaire

  4. Complete pre-screening questionnaire before your check

  5. The day before your check, you will be emailed a secure link for your video call

  6. On the day and time of your check, open the video link and begin your wellbeing check with our friendly team

  7. Following your check, our team will email you your wellbeing resource kit with helpful information and tips for optimal wellbeing