Welcome To Pinnacle Health Groups 30 Day Challenge -The Push you need to kick start your year! 

We are committed to providing a range of  fantastic service options throughout your 4 weeks to make sure you receive the highest quality exercise classes, nutritional advice and adopt habits that stick! 


Ready to get moving? Join our team of health & fitness professionals delivering 8 live streamed classes per week including yoga, pilates, functional strength & conditioning

Flexibility and variety! Train anytime, anywhere with our on-demand workout library. Access a variety of workout options designed to fit around your busy schedule. Find your morning zen with a guided meditation, or train away the day’s stresses with an afternoon HIIT session 


Exclusive access to our qualified, experienced dietitians. You’ll receive an initial consultation to assess current eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Formulate an individualized plan to set you on the path to better health. We’ll follow this up with a post challenge consultation to check on your progress and make any adjustments required See Timetable


Nothing good in life ever came easy! Come ready to be accountable, Be disciplined, Be the best version of yourself. We’ll educate you on the best health & lifestyle hacks to implement into your day-to-day. Topics include the key pillars of health – exercise, nutrition, sleep & fluid intake

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