3 ways to create movement opportunities at work! by Tom Bosna

Are you tired of sitting and want to be more active?

With the corporate clientele I look after every week this is one of the biggest complaints. The easy option is to blame stress, the boss, your chair and your body. Let me put this in perspective and summarise the issue and some potential solutions.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the time we spend at the workplace (in a chair) has a significant influence over a number of chronic illnesses. Heart Disease, Obesity and Diabetes are currently Australia’s biggest health issues.

A 2010 report from the University of Queensland showed that even when Adults met the recommended physical activity guidelines, the effects of this have been negated by the amount of time sitting per day. This has been labelled the “sitting disease” and we need to be proactive in fixing the problem.

Who goes to the gym four times a week and does body pump, spin, high intensity work outs and then sits all day?


Below are 3 inexpensive ways to make yourself move!

Centralise Printers

Moving printers to a central location creates a “movement opportunity”. The more of these within the day the better. When you stand up and move, have a little stretch and take a deep breathe!

Walking meetings

The benefits of walking and stand up meetings are well documented. Whilst the physical benefits are obvious, the sharpening of the mind and the productivity output is my favourite aspect of the walking meeting. With the likes of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg employing this method, why not join the elite and sharpen up your mind?

Work from anywhere and everywhere!

Agile working is the future of every office environment. Australia’s largest companies are all moving to “agile working”, “hot desking”, “flexi-desking” and insert any other appropriate corporate buzz words here.

Agile working encourages collaboration and creativity within the workplace. Smart technology enables us to work from anywhere and everywhere (perhaps this is part of the problem). The irony of course in this is that the developments in technology have made us sit more, when in fact maybe the intention was to free us up to move!

If you can mix up your day with standing, sitting, walking and working – you will be in good shape for the future.


Tom Bosna is the Principal Physiotherapist and Director at Pinnacle Health Group. With 10 years’ experience in Corporate Health and Wellbeing, you can expect a common-sense approach to any musculo-skeletal issues. Feel free to ask Tom any questions on tom.b@pinnaclehealthgroup.com.au. Tom is available from Monday to Friday at Flinders St, 120 Collins and Docklands. Contact Us today!


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