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3 tips to avoid injuries this Spring!

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The last thing you need right now is a sore knee or painful foot problem – that is stopping you from enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine!

Unfortunately though, this time of year is a very common time to experience pain as we perhaps get a little over-excited with our exercise programmes.

Here are 3 nice easy tips to avoid injuries, and missing out on a great time of year to exercise:


  1. Don’t over-train – it is very easy to get carried away (the sun is shining, the beach (and party) season is getting closer) but over-training is a classic cause of repetitive stress injury on the feet, knees, shins, elbows and back. Avoid increasing training load too quickly, and a nice way to do this is the 10% rule – ie increase distance running/time running/barbell weights etc by 10% only. It’s also a good idea to space out training sessions as you build up frequency – don’t go from 1 session per week to 5 sessions per week!
  2. Correct footwear is a must! – we put a lot of load through our feet through all kinds of exercise. Get your shoes (and general feet biomechanics) checked by a Podiatrist – to make sure your shoes match your foot type, or see whether it is time to get a new pair for those worn-down kickers!
  3. Don’t bury your head in the sand – if you are feeling a “niggle” now – it is only going to get worse as training steps up. Get your injury assessed now – chances are it will be simpler to manage and treat now, rather than waiting until you can’t walk at all! Then you can get back safely to exercise with peace of mind, and enjoy the sunshine!