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3 Simple Tips for a Successful Flu Vaccination Program

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by Josh Lambert

Here’s 3 simple tips for a successful #flu vaccination program this flu season….or what we like to call “vax hacks”!

1. Promote!

Have a broad #promotion plan – don’t just send a booking link and basic email out to all staff, but use some creative content ideas in the lead up to the campaign – e.g. sharing facts about flu and other preventative measures, sharing healthy recipes that boost the immune system, even a desk drop of fruit or healthy drinks on the day(s) of vaccinations to limit ‘no-shows’

2. Make it Easy

Link online bookings confirmations to the employees calendar – this sounds simple and obvious, but it’s so effective for engagement and rarely done!

3. Make it Part of Something Bigger

Feature Flu Vaccinations as part of your annual #wellbeing calendar – unfortunately many organisations tick the box of flu vaccinations and don’t consider how it adds/forms a huge pillar of the overall wellbeing program for employees. Branding your company’s wellbeing program (check out Ocean Software snazzy bottles in this pic) and sharing the initiatives across the year is very powerful – and links flu Vax to other wellbeing themes throughout the year.

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