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3 Handy tips for Tour de Cure Preparation

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By Chris Poier

With the Tour de Cure just around the corner, many Westpac employees are gearing up for a weekend of intense riding.  At this stage due to the sheer volume and frequency of training most riders may be feeling the pinch.
Here are 3 handy tips to get your body feeling 100% come race day.


  1. Pre & Post event Massage – Before the big race Deep Tissue massage is the way to go, Ideally around 3- 5 days before a physically demanding ride. This will help to break up any adhesion that may still be present from the intense training load. Following strenuous effort your muscles will be extremely sore and tight so it is best to get on top of this quickly usually within 48hrs of the event.
  2. Tapering – Now that you have the bulk of the km’s under your belt it is time to gradually reduce the volume of your rides. It is OK to keep some intensity through this period. You should look to begin your taper off about 2 weeks before the big event.
  3. Self-Massage – The good old foam roller will be your best friend during this time. It is important that you place the focus on keeping the lower limbs loose, as they will endure the greatest burden throughout the rides. The more relaxed you can keep these muscles the better you will feel in the lead up to the event. * Foam rollers can be purchased at the Wellness Centre, please note limited rollers available unless pre-ordered*

We want you feeling your best to make this experience as enjoyable as possible! So do not leave it to the last minute. You can make your booking online now!